Friday, October 15, 2010

Auerbach Castle

Our first castle experience!!  We ventured there while we were still in the army hotel, so this was over a month ago.  This was before the leaves were really starting to turn colors and while we could still wear short sleeves.  I put a lot of pictures on here, but keep in mind that this is actually only about 1/3 of what I took.  It was hard to narrow it down, it was such a fun experience for us.


This is the outside of the castle as we walk up to it.

DSCN0829   DSCN0831 

These buildings are just outside the castle.  they have the restaurant, snack bar, and gift shop in them.


DSCN0845 DSCN0839     DSCN0844

DSCN0860  DSCN0847   DSCN0852   DSCN0855 DSCN0856 

It was so amazing to look out at the city and hills surrounding the castle.  It was very beautiful there and you felt very high up.

    DSCN0862  DSCN0864  DSCN0866    DSCN0870   DSCN0872 DSCN0873 DSCN0874 DSCN0875    DSCN0879 DSCN0880  DSCN0882  DSCN0884

DSCN0900 DSCN0886  DSCN0888   DSCN0891        DSCN0910 DSCN0911 DSCN0912

This tree was my favorite part.

DSCN0913   DSCN0916 DSCN0917 DSCN0918  DSCN0920 DSCN0921   DSCN0924 

I didn’t realize it until I looked back at these pictures and saw that Ethan was wearing his USA shirt.  That explains why people were staring at us so much.  You get a lot of stares when people realize you are American.  I try to have him avoid wearing that when we are out in the economy, but somehow it slipped passed me.  He’s just proud to be an American, I guess.  It’s his favorite shirt.


If only I could get one of these for our house for time out.


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