Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spring…where are you?!


We haven’t had snow in quite a while and it has even been in the 50’s for a bit, so I kept feeling like spring was just around the corner.  This has been a wonderful thought…until I woke up this morning and found this…


There’s nothing like scraping snow off your car to put you in the right mood for the day :/

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

He finally lost his first tooth

A couple of days ago Ethan noticed his bottom front tooth was loose and then yesterday he noticed his permanent tooth was growing behind it.  When James got home from work, Ethan showed him and so naturally it became the evening project to get that tooth out.  Ethan was given a few different choices of how to do it and he decided on tying a string around it and pulling it out.  This was no easy task since he didn’t want anyone touching his tooth.  Eventually James was able to pull it out and the other tooth was so grown in that you can hardly tell there is a tooth missing. 


Thursday, February 17, 2011

One less bathroom for me

A couple of weeks ago I went to an enrichment meeting that was about cleaning and organizing your home.  One of the ladies that spoke about cleaning mentioned that she had recently taught her 6 year old to clean her toilets.  I must say my ears definitely perked up when I heard that.  I thought if her daughter who is six can clean their toilets, then Ethan who is also six can definitely clean ours.  Cleaning bathrooms is by far one of my least favorite tasks to do, so I thought if I had just one less bathroom to clean a week, I would be one happy mommy.  I was right :)  Yesterday I taught Ethan how to clean his whole bathroom…shower, toilet, sink, and floor.  He was very apprehensive at first and a bit dreading it, but once he got going, I could see the pride in his eyes as he was doing it.  He wouldn’t even let me help him get the hard to reach places, he wanted to do it all by himself.  It was so wonderful!!  So all of you who hate cleaning bathrooms as much as i do…Ethan is proof that a six year old can clean a bathroom and do a mighty fine job doing it.

DSCN1068 DSCN1069 DSCN1070 DSCN1071

Monday, February 14, 2011


A week ago we decided to take our first train trip.  We thought we would start off small since we have never ridden the trains before and go to Cologne, Germany for the day.  Getting there was a breeze…we only had to walk two blocks to the train station from our home, we didn’t have to fight traffic, or worry about parking…it was a stress free trip.

DSCN1031 DSCN1032

When we got there, we had lunch and then went across the plaza from the train station and visited the famous Cologne Cathedral.  It was huge!

DSCN1034 DSCN1033

The architecture inside was amazing to see as well…

 DSCN1036 DSCN1037 DSCN1038 DSCN1039 DSCN1040 DSCN1041

One of the neat features of this cathedral is that they let you (with a small fee) climb these stairs to the top of the tallest spire.  I don’t think I realized how many stairs that was going to be or how out of shape I have really become.  It was an endless, narrow, spiral, cement staircase that went almost to the top and then you get on some metal, flimsy feeling stairs for the rest of the way.  We had to take a few breaks along the way for Ethan and I to make it to the top.  We found out from this that apparently he’s a little nervous of heights, but with a lot of coaxing he made it the whole way.  The view from the top made the pain of it worth it as well.

This is room where the large church bells were.  You can see one of them hanging behind James and Ethan.


Here are the flimsy stairs that made Ethan really nervous, but it was the home stretch at this point.

DSCN1049 DSCN1050

Once at the top you could walk around the whole spire and see the city from all sides.  It was a beautiful sight.

DSCN1051 DSCN1052 DSCN1053 DSCN1054 DSCN1055


We thought it was a little interesting that outside of the Cathedral there were Egyptian protestors.  I’m not sure what they thought they would accomplish from all of the way over here in Germany.

DSCN1042 DSCN1043

After our huge workout at the cathedral we decided to reward ourselves by visiting the chocolate museum/factory.  They showed us how the chocolate is made and even let us sample some.  Then, of course, we bought three different slices of cake for the trip home and a bag of chocolate.  The cake was delicious, but the chocolate was definitely over priced.

DSCN1056 DSCN1057 DSCN1058 DSCN1059 DSCN1060

At this point you might be wondering why I titled this very long post “Brussels?”

Well, we had such a wonderful, relaxed, smooth day that we knew it was too good to be true…

After the chocolate museum, we had dinner (and I had the most wonderful baked potato I have ever eaten) and then headed back to the train station to go home.  While we were waiting for our train to come, we heard over the intercom, that our train was going to be 5-10 minutes late.  About 5 minutes after our train was supposed to get there a train finally comes and we get on.  I notice as we get on that people are bringing suitcases on with them and the train is amazingly comfortable.  Our previous trains that day were similar to a run down city bus.  This train is a bit closer to first class on an airplane.  Both of these things should have given us a heads up.  While we were sitting there waiting for the train to leave, I notice the sign up front listing some cities and our city we were supposed to be heading to was not listed.  At this point I start to question it and then realized that we are on the wrong train.  I convince James and Ethan that we need to get off and we start heading towards the door and it closes right in front of me.  I try pushing the button to open it, but it won’t.  We are stuck and the train starts moving!  Now we are really panicking (ok mostly me).  Over the intercom we hear something about going to Brussels.  We realize we are on a high speed train headed to another country.  This may seem exciting to most, but we don’t have our passports with us, we don’t have the proper tickets for this train (which could mean jail time and a huge fee), we have 10 euros in our pocket and at this point it is almost 10 o’clock at night…

To make a long story short, this train had come in on the wrong track and being our first day of the train system, we didn’t realize this.  Luckily the conductor was very understanding and only a few people actually outwardly laughed at us.  After a few more train changes and a long, expensive cab ride home, we made it back to Eltville at 1:30 in the morning.

Believe it or not, we had a great experience on the trains and can’t wait to try it again.  However, it was a very expensive lesson we had to learn.

Friday, February 11, 2011


Here are just a few things I thought I’d share…

Last week was a much better week as far as my frustration with German.  I studied harder and it’s amazing what that will do.  I actually understood a lot more of went on in class :)

To top off my great week last week, James came home from a class in Ramstein and brought Ethan and I gifts.  I was so excited because it really was a perfect gift.  For some reason I just love Polish Pottery, but it’s just too expensive here for me to justify buying.  Someday I want to take a trip to Poland to stock up because it is so much cheaper there.  Anyway, he brought me home my first piece of pottery and what he picked out is perfect.  We have been needing new canisters for flour, sugar, etc., the plastic ones on our counter are an eyesore.  The only problem now is that I need to get at least two more to go with it :)  I just love surprises (when I don’t know there’s one coming)!


Here’s my last random thought that I’m feeling a little bit bad about…

I went to a baby shower last week and actually won one of the games they played (I never win) and the gift was a little container of strawberry freezer jam!  I love freezer jam!!  That was my favorite thing about dinner at my grandparents house…they always had bread with strawberry freezer jam.  It has been forever since I have had any.  Well, as you can see from the picture I took, I have pretty much eaten it all gone all by myself.  I’m sitting here typing this with a little bit of a sick stomach because I couldn’t get enough of it.  I’m not feeling bad because I’m now sick, I’m feeling bad because I didn’t share any :/  I’m such a thoughtless mother and wife, especially after the very thoughtful gift I got last week.  Am I horrible?  I guess I could play the pregnancy card, but I still feel bad.



I think I need to find a recipe for it so I can make up for my lack of consideration…