Friday, February 11, 2011


Here are just a few things I thought I’d share…

Last week was a much better week as far as my frustration with German.  I studied harder and it’s amazing what that will do.  I actually understood a lot more of went on in class :)

To top off my great week last week, James came home from a class in Ramstein and brought Ethan and I gifts.  I was so excited because it really was a perfect gift.  For some reason I just love Polish Pottery, but it’s just too expensive here for me to justify buying.  Someday I want to take a trip to Poland to stock up because it is so much cheaper there.  Anyway, he brought me home my first piece of pottery and what he picked out is perfect.  We have been needing new canisters for flour, sugar, etc., the plastic ones on our counter are an eyesore.  The only problem now is that I need to get at least two more to go with it :)  I just love surprises (when I don’t know there’s one coming)!


Here’s my last random thought that I’m feeling a little bit bad about…

I went to a baby shower last week and actually won one of the games they played (I never win) and the gift was a little container of strawberry freezer jam!  I love freezer jam!!  That was my favorite thing about dinner at my grandparents house…they always had bread with strawberry freezer jam.  It has been forever since I have had any.  Well, as you can see from the picture I took, I have pretty much eaten it all gone all by myself.  I’m sitting here typing this with a little bit of a sick stomach because I couldn’t get enough of it.  I’m not feeling bad because I’m now sick, I’m feeling bad because I didn’t share any :/  I’m such a thoughtless mother and wife, especially after the very thoughtful gift I got last week.  Am I horrible?  I guess I could play the pregnancy card, but I still feel bad.



I think I need to find a recipe for it so I can make up for my lack of consideration…


  1. Oh my gosh - your pottery piece is BEAUTIFUL! Absolutely exquisite! You really should take a trip to Poland and pick up another few pieces... :-) Also, my parents make TONS and TONS of strawberry freezer jam every year. I'll get their recipe and email it to you. We love you guys!

  2. Clarissa! Hide the jam container and call it good! When are you due?