Thursday, February 16, 2012

More fun with my new toy

I’m trying to figure out all of the different features of my new camera and so I have been taking a ton of pictures the last couple of days.  I just thought I would share some of my favorites.  I try try really hard to get some of James and Ethan, but unfortunately they are not as willing of subjects as Tybee.  Hopefully that will change.

DPP_00002 (3)

DPP_00004 (2)


DPP_00005 (2)


DPP_00006 (2)

How sweet is this little girl?  Don’t you just want to jump into this photo and kiss her neck off?

DPP_00007 (2)

When I go in to check on her while she’s sleeping or wake her up in the morning, she usually has her foot elevated on the side of the crib.  It is so adorable.  I don’t know how it keeps from going numb.

DPP_00010 (2)


DPP_00011 (2)


DPP_00014 (3)

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