Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Yesterday was our 2nd anniversary and James surprised me with a new camera (he really spoils me).  We weren’t going to get each other gifts because we were going to go on an excursion instead.  Our only plan for yesterday was a movie of my choice and a dessert of his choice.  We have been so busy lately that that is actually a big treat for us.  I chose “leap year” and he chose blueberry buckle.  Both very typical of the two of us.  After he finished his buckle he was asleep in 5 minutes and I followed him shortly there after. We really know how to celebrate.

Tonight, for Valentine’s Day, we are taking the family out to dinner to some place we’ve never been downtown.  I am really excited about this because I don’t have to cook and clean up the kitchen and I get to eat some really good food, hopefully. This has been a great couple of days.

Here are some shots I took today, while trying to figure out how to work my camera.  I obviously have a lot to learn, but some of them are pretty cute.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day and feels lots of love!!


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