Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sweet Little Angel is 8 Months!

Two months have passed since my last post and now Tybee is already 8 months old.  So much has happened and I’m very sad that I haven’t documented it.  I’m sure in the next little while I will be sharing things from the past so bare with me.

Tybee had her 8 month birthday last Thursday and in honor of that we bought her a little gift…


She still isn’t crawling and gets so frustrated that her body can’t keep up with her mind.  It is very exhausting for me because she demands that I take her where ever she wants to go and where that is changes by the minute.  I finally decided it was time for a walker so she could have a little bit more independence and move her little body where she wants it to go.  She still gets a bit frustrated when she hits a road block or can’t fit where she wants, but she is a lot happier.  She has also been sleeping through the night more consistently starting the day we got it, coincidence? I think not.  Here’s a little clip of her in action.

Tybee in her new walker


Here’s another video I found yesterday that is the cutest thing.  Even Tybee loved watching it.  Unfortunately though, halfway through you will have to turn your head sideways to watch.  James has a tendency of turning the camera on it’s side when filming videos.

Ethan and Tybee playing
Here is our little angel on New Year’s Eve.  She kind of looks like an advertisement for Planters.  I think she could definitely sell a record high with her cuteness.



Now that her hair is starting to come in a bit more, the poor little girl is waking up with bed head after her naps.  The pictures don’t quite capture it, but these are right after her nap while she’s waiting for me to fix her lunch.DSCN2521DSCN2522DSCN2523DSCN2525DSCN2526

We sure do love our Tybee and are forever grateful to have her in our family.

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