Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sweet Baby From a Month Ago…


My good friend Felicity, who is also a great photographer, loves to practice taking pictures using our sweet Tybee.  Here are the last pictures she took.  Tybee wasn’t really in the mood, but she’s adorable anyway.

IMG_8448 copy

IMG_8449 copy

I soo love these chubby cheeks.  It’s hard not to kiss them all day long.

IMG_8451IMG_8452 copyIMG_8455 copyIMG_8456 copy

This picture of her hand makes me smile…One of my sweet primary girls, who is 8 years old, just adores Tybee.  She literally climbs over, shoves, and fights the other girls in the class for the spot next to me so she can be near Tybee.  Then she proceeds to talk to me the entire sharing time about Tybee, wanting to know everything.  I feel bad because it is very distracting.  Well, this last Sunday she was examining her hands (which they are a bit chunkier now than they are in this picture) and asked if they were swollen.  She said she had never seen any baby’s hands that big before.  I, of course, smiled and told her that was normal and she’s just full of sweetness.  Tybee’s hands truly are the sweetest things…I kiss them a lot throughout the day as well.

IMG_8457 copyIMG_8464 copyIMG_8465 copyIMG_8467 copyIMG_8468 copyIMG_8492IMG_8526IMG_8528 bwIMG_8528IMG_8535IMG_8536

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  1. Cutest baby!! Kiss her all day long! I would. Facebook message me your address so I can send you a Christmas card.