Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Pelican Whisperer

A little while ago we went to the beach where the Carmel River runs into the bay. Ethan calls this beach the 'kiddie pool beach' because there's a place where you can wade in the river water. It is a really beautiful place where you can see the power of the ocean and the power of the river come together along with all of the wildlife that congregates there. Across the river we found a flock of pelicans. There were probably 40-50 of them. Neither one of us had ever seen that many pelicans together in one spot. It was really amazing to see.

This is Ethan's favorite part. Wading in the water. It is freezing, but he loves it.

You can see the river on the left flowing into the bay.

As you can see, we not only enjoy the beauty, we have a little fun. I don't remember which happened first. Ethan wanting to be buried or James wanting to bury Ethan, but they were enjoying themselves.

Here are our pelicans. They were amazing to watch. James thought it would be fun to see how close he could get to them. You could tell they were nervous and were watching us.

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