Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day 4: Prague, Czech Republic

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I’m back for a bit again…after 3 weeks in the states and 2 weeks of recovery…I’m ready to try and finish documenting this 5 day adventure.

PRAGUE…what more do I need to say?  Prague was awesome!  Everywhere you turn you want to take a picture because it is beautiful and full of character and detail.  We loved it there!

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(Poor Tybee got cut off)

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Our first stop was, of course, lunch.

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Some interesting traditional Czech Republic food.


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Oldest working astronomical clock…

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Cookie Break Time!!

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These next pictures are from the top of the clock.  It was so incredible to be able to see the city from up there.

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Every hour this lady would play her horn from up there.  It’s pretty neat to hear from almost anywhere around the city.


IMG_3311 (2)IMG_3312 (2)

For a good portion of the trip, Ethan and Grandpa would play Harry Potter trivia.  So it was a lot of fun for Ethan to find this window display. (If you look closely, you can see Grammy in the reflection)

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After the Town Square and clock, we headed across the Charles’ Bridge.  There were soo many people, but it was fun to see the vendors and the statues and the amazing view.

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After the bridge, we hiked up to Prague Castle.  And boy was it a hike, or stair climb.  Partway up there was this little bakery that sold these delicious things, that I have no idea what the name of them was, but I have some pictures.


IMG_3370 (2)

IMG_3372 (2)IMG_3373 (2)

IMG_3375 (2)

IMG_3379IMG_3381 (2)

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Tybee was such a trooper, climbing most of the way up the stairs herself, but when we made it in front of the church inside the castle, she decided to put on her own little show.  She was fascinated with the door stoppers and played with them for a good 20 minutes, which is fine, except for the fact that there was a very large tour group standing right there listening to the guide while watching her with her chocolate smeared bottom.  She didn’t realize any of this, but I could tell they were wondering who this disruptive child belonged to.  Luckily she is so adorable, I saw lots of smiles.

IMG_3392 (2)IMG_3393 (2)IMG_3394 (2)IMG_3395 (2)IMG_3396 (2)IMG_3397 (2)

IMG_3398 (2)IMG_3399

IMG_3403 (2)IMG_3405 (2)


IMG_3413 (2)IMG_3414 (2)IMG_3416 (2)

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We tried really hard to get a good family picture, but I don’t think it’s in the cards for us.

IMG_3432 (2)IMG_3433 (2)IMG_3434 (2)IMG_3435 (2)IMG_3436 (2)IMG_3437 (2)IMG_3438 (2)

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There’s nothing like finding a park with pigeons to chase to end a good day with.

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  1. Ok loved Prague too! Your kids are so cute! I'm sure that was such a fun trip with your parents too!