Sunday, August 12, 2012

4th of July

This year for the 4th of July we made it to the celebration on base.  They had free rides, vendors, games, face painting, food, and fireworks.  We didn’t end up making it for the fireworks though.  We had a couple of tired kids on our hands, but maybe next year.

IMG_2929 (2)


When we first arrived we decided to start off by standing in the very long line for the free face painting.  Boy was that tough…the line moved very slow and it was very hot.  Luckily the line was next to the bull riding, so the boys decided to try their hand at that while Tybee and I stayed in line.  They did a great job, we were very impressed!  I’m thinking maybe after retirement we should try rodeoing :)

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Also, while standing in line, they were giving away free pillows and of course Ethan is all over free stuff.  So he and I went to check it out.  Unfortunately, by the time we got there, they ran out of pillows.  Instead he got a very fashionable bag.  He wasn’t very cooperative while I was trying to get a picture of him with it though.

IMG_2940 (2)IMG_2941 (2)

We finally made it, it was our turn next.  Poor Tybee was so red and hot and tired and done with waiting around that I wasn’t sure if she would sit long enough to even put a little heart on her face.  So I told the lady to just try and do a little flower or heart and amazingly enough this is what Tybee ended up with…

IMG_2942 (2)

IMG_2943 (2)

IMG_2944 (2)

IMG_2945 (2)

IMG_2948 (2)

She did so great.  I have never seen her sit so still for anyone or anything before.

IMG_2949 (2)

Ethan ended up with the coolest shark.  Everywhere we went the rest of the day he got compliments on it.  That was the best face painting I have ever seen and it was free too…almost worth the miserable wait in line.

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IMG_2951 (2)



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