Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tybee’s 1st Birthday!

I really should have split this post into 2, but I didn’t :)  So make sure you have time to sit back and enjoy Tybee’s day with the many pictures that are here.

Of course we all had to greet her and sing to her the moment she woke up and she enjoyed every minute of it.  She is so much fun when she wakes up because she is so happy.  We just love this little girl.

IMG_2466 (2)IMG_2467 (2)IMG_2468 (2)IMG_2469 (2)IMG_2470 (2)IMG_2471 (2)IMG_2472 (2)IMG_2473 (2)IMG_2477 (2)IMG_2478 (2)IMG_2480 (2)IMG_2481 (2)

After we all finally were ready in the morning and played with some balloons and opened a few packages…we were off to the Frankfurt Zoo.

Don’t they both look soo excited?!

IMG_2485 (2)

IMG_2488 (2)

IMG_2490 (2)

IMG_2491 (2)

IMG_2494 (2)

Yay!  We finally arrived and Tybee is so happy to get out and walk around.

IMG_2495 (2)

IMG_2497 (2)

IMG_2498 (2)

IMG_2499 (2)

IMG_2500 (2)

IMG_2501 (2)

IMG_2502 (2)

IMG_2503 (2)

We finally convinced her it would be a lot more fun inside the zoo.

IMG_2508 (2)

IMG_2509 (2)

IMG_2510 (2)

IMG_2511 (2)

IMG_2512 (2)

IMG_2513 (2)

If you can’t tell what’s in there…it’s meerkats.  They are one of the few animals I actually took a picture of, for some reason.

IMG_2516 (2)

IMG_2517 (2)

IMG_2518 (2)

IMG_2520 (2)

IMG_2521 (2)

IMG_2522 (2)

IMG_2523 (2)

IMG_2524 (2)

IMG_2525 (2)

We found that Tybee was a bit more interested in the plants and people than the animals, but at least she had a good time.

IMG_2526 (2)

IMG_2527 (2)

IMG_2528 (2)

IMG_2529 (2)

IMG_2532 (2)

IMG_2538 (2)

IMG_2539 (2)

IMG_2541 (2)

IMG_2542 (2)

For lunch/dinner, in honor of it being Cinco De Mayo, we had a little Mexican food, Germany style.  It actually wasn’t too bad.

IMG_2543 (2)

IMG_2544 (2)

Doesn’t everyone have broccoli and carrots in their fajitas?

IMG_2545 (2)

IMG_2546 (2)

IMG_2548 (2)

IMG_2549 (2)

Back at home, we had a little cake and some presents.  Tybee did not enjoy it like I thought she would.  She hated the frosting on her fingers.  Ethan talked us into letting him light the candle though.  Very scary for me, but he did a great job.

IMG_2550 (2)

IMG_2552 (2)

IMG_2553 (2)

IMG_2554 (2)

IMG_2555 (2)

IMG_2556 (2)

IMG_2558 (2)

IMG_2559 (2)

IMG_2560 (2)

IMG_2562 (2)

IMG_2563 (2)IMG_2564 (2)IMG_2565 (2)IMG_2566 (2)IMG_2567 (2)IMG_2568 (2)IMG_2569 (2)IMG_2570 (2)IMG_2571 (2)IMG_2572 (2)IMG_2573 (2)IMG_2574 (2)IMG_2575 (2)IMG_2576 (2)IMG_2579 (2)IMG_2580 (2)IMG_2581 (2)IMG_2583 (2)IMG_2585 (2)

Happy Birthday Tybee!!

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