Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ethan’s Choir Debut at FamilienTag


At Ethan’s school they offer various after school classes/activities for the kids.  It changes every semester and this semester he is taking creative building, table tennis, choir, drawing, and soccer.  He loves them all…except for Choir.  Apparently he is more of a dancer than a singer.  We feel like it is a good experience for him though, so I continue to take him.

Anyway…his choir usually has performances on Sundays so we have never been able to attend one…that is until now.  Eltville (our town) was lucky enough to host FamilienTag (Family Day) this year and they asked Ethan’s choir to perform at it.  It was a lot of fun to see him up there, but as you will find, he was less than thrilled.  He’s a cutie though.


Here we are waiting for it to be his turn, watching some famous German mouse (I guess it’s a kid’s show).



At the festival, they had all different kinds of fun activities for the kids.  Here is one of the many interesting German contraptions they had.  There were balls that you had to throw into the red thing at the top and then they would come down the tubes to the ground.  Ethan thought it was the greatest thing.  I loved that pretty much all of the activities were free too.  It was a very fun “family day” Smile.


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