Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Garmisch Part 3: Alpspitz

During our “free time” we decided to head to the top of the Alpspitz which is the second tallest point in Germany.  The Zugspitz is the tallest, but it cost 3 times as much to go to the top of it and there isn’t anything to do up there.  At the Alpspitz they have hiking trails and activities for kids.

Since we did not have a car while we were there, we walked to the lift from the resort.  It was only about a 20-30 minute walk, but it was very tiring since I was carrying a sleeping Tybee most of the way.  It sure was a beautiful walk though and yes, that is a backpack I have on that she is supposed to be in.
And this is as far as my little arms could carry her…Smile
Here we are in the lift heading up.  We are very excited.
We safely made it to the top.  Aren’t the Alps beautiful?  It was breathtaking up there.
I am aware of how unflattering this picture is of me (and you will see there are many more to come), but this is where we stopped for a bit to regroup and load up before taking off to the lookout and hiking.  Tybee sure does look comfortable back there.
They had this incredibly scary lookout where you walk on this criss-crossed metal walkway straight out from the side of the mountain.  I couldn’t stand on it for very long because I could feel it move and it made me a bit queasy.
In the picture below, you can see the criss-cross (x) shadow it makes.
*If you are still with me, I’m impressed because there are a lot of pictures and a lot more to come.*
And now for our hike…It was supposed to be about an hour hike to the other lift to take us down the mountain, but I was a bit slow with Tybee on me.
Our pit stop…we’re almost there!
There really is nothing sweeter than feeling a little hand on your shoulder.
Ethan had a great time running around and beating me along the way, but he sure did make me nervous along that edge there.
We could hear a bunch of bats in these little cave/nook things.
We finally made it with about 5 minutes to spare before the last lift went down for the day.  We were worried there for a bit, but all was good.
It was a beautiful day in a beautiful place and all of us can’t wait to go back again sometime.  In fact, Ethan wants to retire there Smile

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