Monday, July 11, 2011


Not only was last Tuesday Tybee’s 2 month birthday, but it was the 2 year anniversary of mine and James’ first date, which was on Tybee Island in Georgia.  That was where and when our life together began.  So we thought it very fitting to name our sweet little angel after a very significant and beautiful place.
To celebrate this anniversary of ours we wanted to take a day trip somewhere and so we decided to head to Rothenburg and invited some friends of ours, the Meyers family, to join us.

This village is the only one or one of the only ones to still have the wall that surrounds it still standing.  Here we are walking through the wall, entering the town.
This is the Rathaus (town hall) that has the bell tower that you can climb up to, which we did.
There was a beautiful view once we got to the top.

Unfortunately Tybee missed the entire thing.
To get to the top you had to climb through this trap door.  As we were climbing up the stairs we would pass people that were coming down.  Every time someone saw me with Tybee in the pack, they would tell me there’s no way I’m going to make it through this door with her on me.  Well, of course, I took that as a challenge…and of course we made it through with no problems.  I wasn’t as fast as everyone else, but we made it.
The top of this white tower is where we were.
It was a good thing we had Ethan and Bella with their maps to tell us which way to go.  They were very cute together.  I think Ethan was happy to be around someone his own age and not adults all day.
Cute little gnomes in the garden.
What a cute family we are blessed with.
This is one of the entrances into the village.
Inside one of their catholic churches.
At the end of the day we thought we would try to walk on the wall all the way around the village before our night tour.  We didn’t make it very far before we had to go.  Maybe when we visit again, we will be successful.

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  1. Look at you world traveler! My big adventure is to make it to the splash pad. :) Tybee is getting so big and is adorable! Glad to see everything seems to be going well