Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Two weekends ago there was a father/son campout at the US Military Cemetery in Luxembourg.  Since my parents were here at the time, James, Ethan, and my dad went camping while my mom, Tybee, and I stayed in a hotel.  Then the next day we explored Luxembourg.  It was a fun little excursion since none of us had been there before.  That was Ethan’s first camping experience too and he loved every minute of it.  He now wants us to go camping as a family, but I’m so not a camper :/  We’ll see if he catches me at a weak moment on that one.

Here is the cemetery where they camped.  It is very eye opening seeing all of the graves.  This is just a very small portion of the soldiers that died during WWII.  General Patton is buried here as well.



Here are some pictures from the beautiful city…


This is outside the Grand Duke’s Palace.


I guess there were underground tunnels built in 1644 called Casemates.  Unfortunately they were closed when we tried to go in them.


We really enjoyed Luxembourg…the people were really friendly and it was a clean, beautiful city.

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