Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fun day with friends

Last week we had dinner with one of James’  best friends, Josh, and his family.  They have three boys, one of which is just a year older than Ethan.  They got along so well that we wanted to get together again before we head off in under two weeks.  We wish we had done this months ago so they could have had more time together.  They seem to be two peas in a pod kind of like James and Josh are.  So yesterday we went for a little hike down to a beach in Garrapata.

The boys liked climbing up the side of the rock cliffs and jumping off.

DSCN0468 DSCN0469 DSCN0470 

Serious Ethan…I wish I knew what goes on inside that head.  It is always busy thinking.

DSCN0472   DSCN0475  DSCN0477

They are definitely two of a kind. Stephanie (Josh’s wife) and I had to laugh and take pictures of these two just hanging out on the side of the cliff having a deep philosophical conversation.

DSCN0478 DSCN0479

It definitely was another beautiful, fun day in Monterey, California.

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