Wednesday, January 16, 2013



Last October we visited the great USA for three weeks.  We were able to attend Anna (James’ sister) and Austin’s wedding, finalize Ethan’s adoption and spend time with both sides of the family.  It was fun for Tybee to get to know family she’s never met before.  I lugged my camera with me all of the way over there and forgot to use it much.  So unfortunately I don’t have many pictures, but we did have a great time there.


IMG_3574 (2)

IMG_3577 (2)

IMG_3578 (2)




It really was a blessing and a miracle that everything went through with the adoption.  The judge was really wonderful to us and even let us take some pictures after the proceedings.

IMG_3583 (2)


IMG_3587 (2)


Here are some random pictures from our last night there…

IMG_3592 (2)IMG_3593 (2)IMG_3601 (2)IMG_3602 (2)IMG_3603 (2)

We didn’t sleep much while there, between getting sick a couple of times and Tybee only sleeping through the night twice the whole time.  It was exhausting, but definitely worth it.

And, of course, I thoroughly enjoyed all of the shopping and eating.  I had forgotten how amazing Wal-Mart and Target are and how delicious Wingers is!

Can’t wait for our next visit!!

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  1. Yeah for so many things! It has been far too long, since we have visited. I realized the other day, that since I took my blog completely private (for all my rantings) we don't keep up. I glance at yours every so often, but just enough to remember how cute your little family is. :) If you want another invite to my blog (trust me it is just nonsense mostly) send me an email.