Monday, September 17, 2012

Ethan Turns 8 Part 2: Baptism

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On July 29th, Ethan was baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  We waited almost 2 months from when he turned 8, so that my parents could be a part of it as well.  It was worth the wait though, for Ethan and for us.  It was nice to have more family be a part of the day.  Mom definitely out did herself that day…played the music, made most of the refreshments, gave a talk and helped to relieve my stress in anyway she could.

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And of course Dad gave a wonderful talk and was very supportive throughout the day as well.

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Thanks Mom and Dad! 

A few weeks prior to this day, our wonderful missionaries took the time to come over a couple of nights and teach about and prepare Ethan for his baptism.  I always wonder how much of what James and I are trying to teach Ethan is really being heard and understood because, like most kids, Ethan gets a glossed over look when we talk to him for an extended period of time (more than 2 minutes).  I was hoping that if he heard it from the missionaries he would be more receptive.  I was wrong on one account and right on another…he HAD been listening to us and understanding a lot more than I had thought and he understood even that much more when the missionaries taught him.

Anyway, we enjoyed getting to know our missionaries better and really appreciated the service they gave to our family.  As you can see, even on his baptism day, they were still serving us.  The font water was freezing cold, so they were boiling water and dumping it in so Ethan and James wouldn’t freeze to death.

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Of course while they are warming up the font, this is what Ethan and his friend Oscar were doing…

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And this is what Tybee was doing…

IMG_2969 (2)

Our yummy refreshments that I didn’t get to try.

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I am often told that I do not put enough pictures of me on this blog…well, here is a picture that explains why…I make too many weird faces.

DSCN4652 (2)

Our handsome, grown-up, young man right before it started.

DSCN4656 (2)

IMG_2976 (2)

What a sweet kid he is.

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After pictures of the fam…


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IMG_2985 (2)

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Ethan opening some presents later that evening…

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IMG_3013 (2)

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IMG_3016 (2)

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