Monday, July 9, 2012

Trier and Saarbrucken


I am finally back again and am posting on a little trip we took that was soo long ago (middle of May) that I now cannot remember all of the details of it.  So lucky for you, you pretty much get to look at a bunch of pictures :)

IMG_2745 (2)

We started out in Trier, which is the oldest city in Germany, and stopped first at the Black Gate.  Lucky for us, it happened to have the Tourist Info Office right there, Yay!

IMG_2744 (2)

IMG_2746 (2)

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We decided to make life a little easier for us and got on one of those “hop on, hop off” buses and toured the city.  Tybee loved being able to have her own seat without a car seat. 

IMG_2754 (3)IMG_2755 (2)IMG_2756 (2)IMG_2758 (2)IMG_2759 (2)IMG_2763 (2)IMG_2765 (2)IMG_2768IMG_2766 (2)IMG_2757 (2)IMG_2760 (2)IMG_2761 (2)IMG_2764 (2)IMG_2767 (2)

The only thing we saw that we really wanted to stop at was the Roman Amphitheater.  It was a lot of fun to explore and imagine yourself there at that time.

IMG_2769 (2)

IMG_2770 (2)

IMG_2772 (2)

IMG_2773 (2)

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IMG_2780 (2)

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IMG_2794 (2)

IMG_2797 (2)

IMG_2799 (2)

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IMG_2808 (3)

IMG_2809 (2)

IMG_2810 (2)

IMG_2815 (2)

IMG_2816 (2)

IMG_2824 (2)IMG_2825 (2)IMG_2826 (2)

IMG_2833 (2)

IMG_2835 (2)

IMG_2839 (2)

IMG_2846 (2)

IMG_2847 (2)

IMG_2851 (2)

IMG_2852 (2)

Later that afternoon, we were heading home and decided, spur of the moment, to stop in Saarbrucken.  It was a beautiful town, but we only spent a couple of hours there and I can’t remember the name of this church we stopped at or the other things we saw.  My brain is gone these days.

IMG_2858 (2)

IMG_2859 (2)

IMG_2862 (2)

IMG_2864 (2)

IMG_2865 (2)

IMG_2868 (2)

IMG_2870 (2)IMG_2872 (2)IMG_2873 (3)

IMG_2874 (2)

IMG_2875 (2)

IMG_2876 (2)

IMG_2879 (2)

IMG_2880 (2)

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IMG_2885 (2)

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Doesn’t everyone have a head on their wall?

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